SALLY PINERA_Nashville_Transparency-116.jpg


nashville, tennessee

Venue | Bloomsbury farm

Designer | jessica sloane

floral design | melissa broadwell

Gown | samuelle couture

Makeup and Hair | Amanda Gros

calligraphy | script merchant

Ribbons | Silk and Willow


Words by Designer Jessica Sloane | The mood for this shoot was born out of love for minimalism and showing significance in quality things. Minimalist design really resonates with my personal aesthetic. I’m drawn to simplicity and clean lines. It’s far from boring when done well. As a stylist, it takes more thought and intentionality to compose an image when you’re embracing minimalism because every single thing is seen. By paring down the details, each element becomes significant and is allowed to shine.

Words by Photographer Sally Pinera | For me the concept of Transparency has a delicate and feminine touch. I strived for innocence and a genuine quality in the images to portray a light heartedness that comes with the conceptualization of translucent clarity. My approach was with a touch of glowing romance, minimalistic aesthetic, and  thoughtful composition.

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