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Sally Pinera is a luxuriant destination wedding photographer who is internationally acclaimed, award winning and specializes in high end weddings around the world. Her style is contemporary and elevated classic photography that celebrates people in their highest expression of love in romantic, stylish, and artful storytelling. Her work is recognized to be expressive, romantic, elegantly candid and fashion forward. She brings an artistic perspective that unionizes documentary style with an effortless editorial lens. 

"For me, wedding photography is about encapsulating that rare love, tangible chemistry, visual poetry of human connection and turning them into meaningful articles and opulent keepsakes. A visual collection that couples and families can highly value for a lifetime. " 

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Vivien and Alan

"Sally is a phenomenal photographer with a brilliant presence - her artistic vision, aesthetic instinct, calm poise and decisiveness just combine to create something special."



Your wedding is the full expression of who you are together - worlds colliding. The style, the detail, and the moments that all surmount in a single day are dynamic and so should your photographic keepsakes. Sally Pinera's approach to your event is with great thoughtfulness and extensive preparation to ensure the highest quality of imagery and editorial experience. With Sally's love for high fashion, creative composition and eye for artistic detail, she promotes an organic and documentary storytelling approach to your event and to the uniqueness of you as a couple. The result - refined keepsakes for a lifetime of enjoyment and memories. 

Editorial, Refined, and Timeless


Stylish, Authentic, and Inspired

You're someone with bold vision and high
standards for fine detail. Someone who loves fashion and wants the fullest experience for your closest and dearest. Someone who wants everything from small to big to everything in between to be captured with quality and an artistic approach. You want someone you can fully trust, so that you can be present for the biggest moments of your life. Someone who loves raw candids but appreciates assertive collaboration. Someone who keeps it real and stays inspired. You want your wedding photos to be as authentic as the love being celebrated.


"Sally brings her design eye to her entire body of work. She works with a sensitivity to the context and subject matter that imbues her work with an extraordinary soulfulness. It’s the mix of technical know-how and her singular voice that makes Sally’s work unlike any other’s. Anyone can take a photo; it takes a special person to see the shot."


Studio Mondine

"Sally has impeccable taste and it is reflected onto those people that she captures - my husband and I felt we truly looked like the most beautiful versions of ourselves in her photos. Not only were her photos perfect but Sally is truly a pleasure to work with. Each time we look through Sally's photos we are brought back to the emotions of our wedding day. Even when we asked my husband's mom which photos were her favorites she said, "I can't pick, they're all my favorites" - we feel the same way!"


Sarah and Scott

"Sally is a true artist and incredibly professional. Her warm personality made getting photographed on our biggest day somehow feel so effortless and fun! She really took the time to get to know my husband and I as a couple. She has an eye for photography and we were blown away by the creativity and quality of her images. Her sense of light, color and space is remarkable and we were incredibly impressed by her versatility. We cannot thank her enough. We will treasure these beautiful photographs for decades to come."


Ariela and Mark

"Sally is more than a photographer. She is a gifted stylist, a phenomenal artist, a visual story teller and a master of light. She can photograph the everyday and make it extraordinary. The beauty of her images is timeless, yet modern, with just the right amount of romance. We would take her everywhere and are grateful for any wedding where we can have Sally on our team."

So Happi Together


"Photography was our top priority and we didn't need to look any further once we found Sally. We loved her style and how she narrated her couples through editorial and timeless photos. Sally also has a special confident energy that bleeds through every aspect, putting us and everyone around her at ease. Simply put, she elevates everything - the photos, the experience, the day. She is assertive, kind and immensely creative..exactly the person we needed on the day of the wedding. We love our photos so much and are forever grateful."

Bianca and Justin


"My clients all try to keep her as a lifelong friend because she makes everyone feel so comfortable. Not only is she an incredible photographer, but her eye for detail and innate eye as a stylist makes her work really elevated in whatever she is shooting. She blows me away every time. I joke that “Sally will make it look better than it is.” She makes great look spectacular and she makes spectacular look perfect. And she’s chic as hell."


Smith & James


"Simply put,
she elevates everything - the photos, the experience, the day. She is assertive, kind and immensely creative.."

one of a kind


with artistic style and modern sophisication

stories of love, history, tradition, identity, inspiration, experience, and celebration

Creating images of remarkable love
and high taste for exceptional humans

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